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Transportes Zariñena

Zariñena is a company specialized in transport of goods. We have over 15 years experience in the transport sector. We pay attention to the environment and we evolutionate quickly, so we can attend the demand of our customers and offer them the best possible serivices.

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To be successful in the business we have to provide the best service, in quality and cost, improve continually and adapt to changes in the environment. Everyone is different, that's why we like to personalize our services to the requirement of each client.

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We have over 15 years experience in the transport sector.


What all we want - quality

· Most of the goods we transport are destinated the direct consumption by humans. To ensure the optimum state of them we regulary wash our vehicles, both inside and outside.

· Each truck is equiped with GPS system that facilitates the location of each vehicle and the proper management of the loads, avoiding any delays.

· Our fleet is renewed periodically every 3 years the trucks and every 5 years the trailers. We have a fleet of about 50 trucks.

· All our vehicles are equiped with laser pointer portable thermometers of high precision and accuracy as well as thermographs.


The coordination and management of our services are performed by highly qualified and continually trained teams.

National Transport

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Our company started with the national transport. We have several fixed routes in the country. Among our customers there are some of the major networks of supermarkets in our homeland.

Our team of drivers knows perfectly the routes and the different characteristics of each client and loading or delivery spot.

International Transport

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Our main activity is importing and exporting with destinations mainly in France, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands among others. We carry all kind of reefer, frozen or conventional goods.

The coordination and management of our services are performed by a higly qualified and continually trained team.


This is the right place to see with your own eyes what the company offers to you. You can see the daily life of our company from two points of view, life on the road, through the eyes of the truckers and from the point of view of our departaments.



The headquarters of Transportes Zariñena are located in Valencia, specifically in Massamagrell. This location is a strategic place for our company as we are close to our main customers, workshops and at the right distance to arrive on time at fixed destinations.


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